Hi, I'm Meg Hawthorn! I'm a brand new author who is so excited to finally share my obsession with folklore and fantasy through my upcoming book series.  A little about my life outside of writing: I'm a mom of two teenies. But I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.  Did I just date myself? I hope so. Also a mom of two dogs, Bruce Wayne and Eevee (also known as Peeps, PeePee, Peepums, Queen Peeps, Princess Peeps, Pepe,  and Peepo). I grew up near Dallas, TX where I currently do my best to vote for better, more inclusive leaders. I'm a proud supporter and member of the LGBTQ+ community and my books reflect that. Fun fact about me? I love fantasy and world building so much I ran a custom Dungeons & Dragons campaign for my friends for three straight years, and now have the delight of being a regular player. Another fun fact? I am a certified dice goblin with a totally healthy amount of table top miniatures.

When I'm not writing, my hobbies are: RPG gaming, backseat RPG gaming, taking care of my indoor plants, accidentally neglecting my outdoor plants, table top games, and getting my kids to do big belly laughs.

The best place to connect with me directly is on my Instagram where I'll post the most updates about my books and my thoughts. You can also find me goofin' and making cool reader pals on TikTok.